Why You Should Be Using Iron On Patches

Love embroidery or appliques but hate the hassle of losing needles or the cat running over that third ball of thread? If that sounds like you, then this just might be the best time to opt for iron on patches. We all have a wide variety of options to choose from here.

Introduction To Patches

So what is iron on patches? Basically, they are also pieces of embroidery and appliques – only smaller, since the idea is we get to decide where the decoration should be placed on a piece of maybe outfit, or even a pillow case, handkerchief, curtain, or whatever piece of garment or cloth is there that needs designing.

How does this work? Well, all one has to do is to put it on their target piece of clothing, iron on, and set. Once our patches have cooled down, then we can see the design of our dreams sort of coming to life.

But of course, this is not just for those with whimsical fashion interests. Iron on patches are also for the practical person – those who are in need of a certain patterned patch in a hurry.

Iron on PatchesWhere To Get

For the best deals on patches, we could all go to Patches4less.com. Here, we have the option to choose from designs they have already made, or actually come up with our own. What do we get by coursing our patch needs through Patches4Less? Basically loads of free service and a free hand to decide on everything? Let us give our readers the low down on what to expect when transacting with Patches4Less:

  • You always get the quote for free – whether it’s the first, the second, or even the third time our customer is asking for a revision to the design of their iron on patches, rest assured that they will not get charged extra. The company only charges for approved designs that have already commenced production – not prior to it.
  • Of all the colors in the patch, seven will be for free. By that, we mean THREAD colors. A merrow or merrowed border also comes as an additional without any cost on the part of the customer.
  • Set up is for free for all the patches, whether iron on or custom with Velcro or tape backing. Shipping is also for free so long as one uses Fedex and is just within the U. S.
  • Our customers get the opportunity to order as many as they want, for as long as it is on or beyond the minimum allowed number of pieces which is ten per customer.
  • The patches are usually sized 2” by 4”. They could of course opt for a hundred percent embroidered batch of patches, but if it is beyond what the budget allows, we are willing to slash the embroidered material to half or up to 75 percent of the entire custom iron on patch.
  • Aside from iron on patches, this website also allows the customers to choose among tape backed, Velcro backed plastic backed or button looped patches. For patches with iron on or plastic backing or those that have a button loop, all the customer has to do is to add $ 0.11 for each patch ordered. On the other hand, for tape or Velcro patches, there is a twenty percent surcharge for every patch.

How To Use

Once you have ordered your iron on patch sets from Patches4Less, just follow these very easy instructions:

  • Place and lay out the fabric of choice smoothly on the iron stand. The wider the base where the fabric is spread on to, the better to allow for flexibility of movement.
  • Put the patch on top of the preferred spot on the fabric. Note: it is better to do this one at a time, so as to prevent messes and errors and even botched patches or fabrics.
  • Pre heat the iron to the hottest setting. Carefully place a lightly moistened towel right on top of the patch.
  • Once the iron is hot (and we hope it gets hot soon enough), it’s time to press on to the spot. Hold for up to thirty seconds to make sure that the patch has adhered.
  • To check if the patch has actually adhered to the fabric, remove the towel and lightly push the patch with one finger to see if it budges.

If you need more help about patches, whether in choosing among different kinds or in getting them properly attached, just head on to our humble abode on the web.

Iron On Patches running from Scout gatherings of different types, outdoors fixes, fire fighter patches, police patches, EMT patches, and military patches, to corporate patches for Fortune organizations.