The Basic Golf Equipment Checklist

Are you a golf newbie, stepping into the world of hole-in-ones and strokes for the first time? Perhaps it’s the image of limitless green fields and the serenity you feel before releasing a shot that draws you in to the sport. Before you step into the outdoors with visions of the good games ahead however, it’s best to make sure you’re prepared.

Pack your bags with the essential golf equipment and know about their proper uses in order to be one step closer to being a golf expert. After all, you have to make sure you’re familiar with the tools you’ll be using before you want to practice any techniques and drills.

Golf Bag

Getting the right kind of golf bag can seem like a pretty simple task at first, but after taking a look at the different types of bags we sell at, you’ll soon realize that there’s a huge selection to choose from. So now you may be wondering what kind of bag is best for you. We’re here to explore the different golf bags and their specific uses.

The first bag on our list is the cart bag. As the name implies, it’s a light bag made to be kept and carried in a golf cart. It’s highly recommended that you don’t carry this around the course on your own and always mount it on a cart before mobilizing.

Golf BagsCarry bags are a good type of bag to start with, as they’re more suitable for those of you who prefer to carry your golf equipment on your own. They have straps similar to that of backpacks, which means you can carry them on your back. Just be sure not to overload as golf equipment tends to get heavy no matter what bag you’re using.

If you happen to have a caddy to do the lugging around for you, then using a staff bag is an open option. They can be some of the heaviest bags around but are big enough to fit a large assortment of equipment.

Golf Clubs

Now you’ve got your golf bag, but what about clubs? You may have heard of putters, which are a commonly used club among golfers. They are used when there is a short distance between your ball and the hole, in which you simply need to move the ball a short distance with precision.

In contrast, woods are used for long distance shots. Despite their name, they are no longer purely made out of wood and are instead a combination of metals. You can reach shots longer than 300 yards by using woods or drivers and are thus usually used at the start of longer distance plays.

Irons are a mid-range club, which can make shots in less than 200 yards. They come in a variations of 1- to 9-. 1- to 2-irons are rarely used due to their difficulty, so 3-irons and above are what you’ll most likely be packing if you want to get your ball flying.

Golf Balls

If you’re a beginner, then using one-piece golf balls is a must. They’re light and inexpensive, which means you can go all out in your long distance shots without worrying about losing a ball or breaking it. As time passes, however, you may consider getting two, three, or four-piece balls. The two-piece ball will provide a good amount of durability and are the most commonly used construction. Three and four-piece gold balls are good for controlled flight, as the three-piece has a good spin to it while the four-piece drives the longest while still having controllable spin.

Golf BallsAs a golfer, don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of equipment made available at first glance. At, we aim to make buying your golf equipment a simple task, as long as you know what you need. Being familiar with the tools you plan on using can ensure that you won’t be making any unnecessary purchases and save you money and time.


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