The Passionately Funny Motivational Speaker

“The only way to STAY motivated is to continually motivate others”.
– Garrison Wynn

Motivating and feeling motivated is an endless passion for our Garrison Wynn. When we make other people feel motivated, it gives a warm sensation inside us to continue further. It gives us the feeling of healthy confidence to push others forward towards achieving their own success. To witness them succeed is also a great achievement.

One influential and highly entertaining motivational speaker is Garrison Wynn who dedicated his career in helping various companies from being plain mediocre into exceptionally the best it can be. With the combination of his amusing sense of humor and informative keynotes, the contents of his company customized messages definitely hit the minds and hearts of his audience. Do you want to know more from us?

“Comedy is truth–only faster. Things are funny because they’re true. If people relate, they retain.” – Garrison Wynn

We know that laughter is the best medicine, or so they say it’s good for our health –

Best Motivational SpeakerIf we’ll take medicine, then we are probably sick. Like a person with disease taking medications to feel better and be cured, an organization like a company has problems that need to be solved.

When we tackle problems, we have to see the truth behind it and within it. As the saying goes, “the truth shall set us free”. Maybe it’s freedom from secrets, hidden agendas and of course, from more troubles. Sometimes, we have to be brutally honest to let others see the real problem, but being brutally honest is difficult as being brutal can really hurt.

When a person is hurt, he cannot process the truth in a good way –

Here goes comedy to loosen up the tension. When we use humor alongside that killer keynote message, we can reach the core of those involved. They listen and process the message, thus, they laugh and can relate to it. When people connect to the message, they have the tendency to retain its meaning.

“No communication takes place until the other person feels heard”.
– Garrison Wynn

We need to see the reasons behind and the truth within our problems. If the problem is difficulty in dealing with a co-worker or even a customer, then consider hearing out its concerns and complaints, and to listen truly. Make that difficult person feel heard. Maybe there are reasons why he is difficult to deal with. We need to understand him first before we expect him to understand us. Show him the kind of treatment that we also deserve from him. When that person see and feel that we’re genuinely caring for him and his welfare, his difficult attitude towards us will change, and good communication will thrive from there.

“You can’t change people but you can effect a change in them by your behavior.” – Garrison Wynn

The power to influence others positively with what we say and how we act, even if we’re not the best, is an awesome talent. Motivating others is a passion, which drives from within. When we act as a catalyst of positive change, it ignites a fire of transformation. These are transformations that can bring sustenance to any business industry and even push companies ahead on top.

Motivational SpeakerWe know that each company is unique no matter how similar it seems with the rest in its industry –

Every challenge it faces is different from its neighbor. Its will to survive and continue for generations to come is a spark we want to ignite and see burning its competitors to the ground (not literally). In our talks, we customize the contents according to the goals and needs of your company. You set goals, and we will deliver goal-oriented powerful messages from a good motivational speaker, plus we’ll make it extra funny and witty.

At, we create motivations and turn them to solutions. With the help of our motivational speaker, we guarantee to influence your every decision and to drive you towards success. We offer seminars about anything business related from teaching highly effective leadership styles, to successful employee management and engagement, to skyrocketing sales techniques and a whole lot more. We have it all just for you!

If you need a motivational speaker for your next corporate event, consider our very own Garrison Wynn. With his highly energetic and funny approach to real life situations, you will surely retain insights and knowledge and feel entertained and motivated. Let us do the talking and motivating for you! To learn more about us, visit our site and plan your events with us.